Gear: Tom doesn't necessarily need a microphone... but has a Shure Beta 58A, just in case

Favourite band: Black Sabbath

Favourite food: Thai red vegetable curry or beans on toast

Also seen in: Brakelight, Idle Sky, Warminster Ukulele Club, The Thomas Hiscocks Blues Experience


Gear: One of a small collection of guitars (often a red Jackson Dinky), through a modest pedalboard into an Orange Dual Terror

Favourite band: Rush

Favourite food: Gammon, egg and chips

Also seen in: Mixtape, The Thomas Hiscocks Blues Experience

Gear: Thomas wields a custom Thunderbird bass through a Trace Elliot Combo amp which he found on eBay... see Tom's Bass Blog for further details...

Favourite band: Ever-changing, but currently Pink Floyd

Favourite food: Rum

Also seen in: Brakelight


Gear: Fender Telecaster, sometimes a Gibson SG or Fender Stratocaster through a Fender Blues Junior, and a Yamaha APX700 Acoustic through a Marshall AS50. He's the bits and pieces man!

Favourite band: Led Zeppelin

Favourite food: Homemade spaghetti bolognese

Previously seen in: Blockage, The Blue Fish, The Botox Brothers, Iago

Gear: Mapex Saturn V Tour Edition drums in Black Pearl (looks a bit like Ringo's), with Vintage Ludwig Supraphonic 14inch x 61/2 402 snare drum (John Bonham model) and a mix of Zildjian K, New Beats and Sabian HHX Evolution cymbals

Favourite band: The Beatles

Favourite food: Cheeseburgers!

Also seen in: Duke Box, and (occasionally when depping) Purple Fish, Mick Jogger and The Rolling Stones Experience

Gear: Nord Stage Piano 2, Kurzweil SP 76 Piano, Yamaha MG20 PA Mixer, Yamaha DRB Powered Speakers

Favourite band: The Band

Favourite food: Curries are good, but sometimes it's just got to be a hot roast roll - and the works!

Also seen in: Sloejam, Serendipity Sessions, Warminster Ukulele Club

Gear: Guitars - not enough! But his main weapon is a 2004 Gibson Les Standard, played through either a Vox AC15 with celestion gold speaker or a Marshall 1974x. Various pedals through a Gigrig Quartermaster

Favourite band: The Rolling Stones

Favourite food: Curry, not fussy!

Also seen in: The Full Motley, Mick Jogger and The Rolling Stones Experience

Gear: Not just a noise, but a way of life! A DW Vintage 1998 kit and a Vintage Ludwig Supersensitive snare all topped off with a mix of top quality metal to smash

Favourite band: Anything that gets a good groove going

Favourite food: His wife's cooking... not really important what it is as long as there's plenty of JD available(?)

Also seen in: Trinity Blues Band, The Thomas Hiscocks Blues Experience

Previously seen in: Wyndjammers, Rubber Duck, Episode 2, SOS, Just Us, Blues Express, various jazz combos

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  • Herin lies Tom's full, uncut, vital statistics which wouldn't fit on the band page:

    Gear: Thomas wields a custom bass that was made for the Elven-Spider Queen's and Dwarven God of Rhythm's chosen hero. With threads woven by the metallic spiders of yore and wood formed in the primordial fires of rock, Thomas was pretty quick to steal it from the chosen hero. He has since been doomed to play it till the end of time for his crimes. He also uses a Trace Elliot Combo amp which he found on eBay. This is why we can't have nice things...

    Favourite band: Ever-changing, but currently Pink Floyd

    Favourite food: Rum

    Also seen in: Brakelight, Iago, and in the forest amongst his kin

    Biggest strength: Immortality and his arsenal of crap puns

    Biggest weakness: Anatidaephobia

    Favourite quote: 'I shouldn't be allowed to edit this' - Lord Thomas E. Noke, The Not-Quite-So-Chosen Chosen One

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